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Become a supporter

Anybody can become a supporter of this project; river right owners, business and commerce, other organisations, the general public - locally, nationally and internationally.

Business and organisations
We encourage any small, medium or large business to become a supporter of this project and by donating any amount in the region of;

NOK 20,000 per year
NOK 10,000 per year, or
NOK 5,000 per year,

you will be listed on our Supporter List and given a; Supporter Certificate representing Gold, Silver and Bronze - based on your donation.

This will give you
Listing on our web-site,
Supporter Certificate to display in your shop, office etc.,
The right to use the project's logo on your own web-site

Please get in touch with one of our local contacts to become a Supporter or for more information.

Any angler can participate and become a Supporter by donating NOK 500 (45/65). You will be registered on the official supporter list and we will send you a pin to show you are a true wild salmon friend.

Your donation can be paid to the "Elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden" account:

Bank: Meldal Sparebank, Norway
IBAN: NO9342601022421

When donating money to our project it is important that you notify CLEARLY your name, address and "river-connection" as a reference to your payment. This will enable us to credit you as a Supporter and send you your pin and other information.

River rights owners
Every river-rights owner is strongly encouraged to support this project. It is entirely up to each individual how you want to support the project, but the project group suggest 15 per cent of the gross fishing permit cost. Every rights owner that sign up to a 5 years commitment will be mentioned on the Supporter List. It is up to everyone if they want the given amount to be shown on our Web-site. Supporter Certificate will be provided and can be displayed to prove your participation.
Become a supporter
"Elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden" has offered compensation to the bag-net-fishermen with regards to the cancellation of their bag- net-fishing to increase the number of wild salmon in the Trondheim-fjord rivers.
The Organisation
The organisation, "Elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden" (ERT) or the "Trondheim-fjord Rivers" was established in September 2004. Its purpose is to help to increase the number of wild salmon running the rivers of the huge Trondheim-fjord basin.

Elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden
Leader: Jon Kjelden
Phone: +47 72 43 42 50
Mobile: +47 481 53 910

Leader: Vegard Heggem
Phone: +47 72 42 61 20
Mobile: +47 922 61 414
Fax: +47 72 42 52 26
E-mail 447 583